No Reservations

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Album Of The Week February 11th 2002


No Reservations

No Reservations

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Mark Doherty – Rhythms – I was a big fan of The Bellhops’ first album Room Service, which appeared a coupla years ago… more

Mark ‘radar’ Watson (Mr Blues) – At last a follow up to the sensational and highly acclaimed debut album “Room Service”… more

Stephen Hall – ‘Red House Blues’ – This is blues to get you jumping, jiving and yelling for more. The Bellhops have a big band sound… more

Gary deWall – Blues Times – Well, it’s been a while between drinks but it was worth the wait! The Bellhops second CD, complete… more

Canadian Cath – The Groove – Boogie in the Barnyard – Shades of Louis Jordan or what. And upon checking the CD liner, yep, there it was… more

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